Food Technology

Food Technology

The Pros And Cons Of GMO Foods

Most of the people across the globe consume food derived from genetically modified plants, and till date, no adverse effects are observed. Some scientists claim that genetically modified food does not show short-term effects, but will have the impact if consumed for an extended period. One may experience the problem of allergies and toxins and can lead to serious concerns. The use of genes from plants with known toxins and allergies are discouraged by healthcare professionals. Extensive testing has been carried out to know about the toxic and allergy levels. If high levels of toxins and allergies are found in the food derived from genetically modified plants, then that food product is supposed to be banned.

Pros And consgreat

Genetically modified food has some advantages and disadvantages. They contain transgenic animals or plants, which make them stronger, bigger and healthier. It can help them survive when exposed to pesticides, germs, and insects. There are numerous benefits of genetically modified food. For instance, In India, a large number of people eat rice. Genetically modified plants help in higher yields. Moreover, it makes regular rice more nutritious and gives it extra vitamins and iron. Individuals who support genetically grown food can help people living in developing countries. It can even help end world hunger.
Some people believe that genetically modified food have a negative effect and could create strange animal and plant breeds.

More Advantages Of GMO Food

  • Genetically modified crops have a higher yield, thus the ability to feed more people.
  • Genetically modified seeds produce stronger plants, thus decreasing the need to use pesticides and herbicides.
  • The genetically modified crop can withstand high fluctuations in weather extremes.
  • More nutrients can be added to the food being produced.
  • Food stays fresh for a longer period.


They are not sure what adversebad effects the food is going to show on people, but they call them ‘Frankenfoods.’ One specific concern is that the foreign gene might be taken mistakenly from plants that are allergic. Though the proteins in those plants trigger a reaction, it will not put the person in life-threatening condition. Another problem is genetically modified plants might breed along with other plants that are grown with them creating cross breeding problems.So as the pros and cons of GM foods continue, the public must be aware of the positive and negative aspects of the issue. This is necessary not only to make good choices in food but to protect your family from any possible health concerns.